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SEPS in a Nutshell

Overpopulation is a global problem with great negative environmental, economic and social consequences. Its solution requires wise population policies in 196 different countries. There is no global solution.

But discussion of U.S. population policies is suppressed in major institutions that should be discussing them -- Congress, mainline media, environmental organizations, universities and scientific societies.

SEPS was founded primarily to counter that censorship, to educate the scientific and environmental communities on population issues, and to advocate for U.S. population stabilization and a transition to ecological economics.

We are not faced with a single global population problem but, rather, with about 180 separate national population problems. All population controls must be applied locally…. For one nation to attempt to impose its ethical principles on another is to violate national sovereignty and endanger international peace. The only legitimate demand that nations can make on one another is this: "Don't try to solve your population problem by exporting your excess people to us." All nations should take this position, and most do.

Garrett Hardin in There is No Global Population Problem The Humanist, July/August 1989


If not now, when?

If not your own nation, whose?

If not you, who?

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