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Censorship, Suppression & Personal Attack

Many powerful economic, political, and social institutions, as well as some powerful economic and political individuals, do not want the American public to understand the need for rational, national population policies. These institutions and individuals influence what appears in mainstream media, what is allowed in the various venues of environmental, scientific, and academic organizations, what is taught in schools and universities, and what is discussed and enacted in legislatures. These censors consistently work to suppress open discussion of America's perpetual population growth and its negative impacts on the environment and on social institutions. Leader and most aggressive among such suppressive institutions would be American Association for the Advancement of Science. Suppression mechanisms common to many organizations include exclusion of relevant topics or points of view from journals, meeting programs, and exhibit halls, as well as attempts to censor or prohibit distribution of published articles and books, distortion of factual information, and personal attacks on individuals and organization as a substitute for cogent analysis and discussion.

Fortunately, there is a growing literature that takes all these censors to tasks, from the mild-mannered, silver-tongued censors and omitters of facts to the angriest and most arrogant of ideologues. The chronologically ordered bibliography below is just a sampling of that literature. Most entries are articles, but a few are websites where numerous articles may be found. For many items, SEPS can provide a pdf if you cannot access one via the link provided. Just send your request via Suggestions for additional items to this bibliography can be sent to the same address.

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