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Going Green on Overpopulation

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Action options for concerned U.S. citizens

A brief guide from Scientists and Environmentalists for Population Stabilization


Overpopulation is a global problem but no international body sets a global population policy. Solution of the global problem requires wise policy-setting and action by 196 separate countries. Informed, civic-minded U.S. citizens should have as a primary task pushing their own government to develop a rational population policy for the U.S. They should also encourage the U.S. government, NGOs and international bodies to support all the programs needed to achieve population stabilization in the rest of the world.

Allies and Information Sources

You can maximize your effectiveness by supporting and allying with a few organizations of highest integrity that have been fighting U.S. overpopulation for a long time. There is an abundance of information on their websites, some put out newsletters, and some have legislative alert systems that make it easy for you to express your opinion to your Senators or Representatives on current legislative issues. Contact these organizations! And join SEPS as well!

These are green, pro-sustainability organizations in the truest sense of those words. There are large numbers of other organizations -- environmental, educational and scientific -- that may self-label as green or pro-sustainability, but that in fact are better described as ‘sustainability-lite.’ They generally prohibit advocacy of U.S. population stabilization as a key step toward national and global long-term economic and environmental sustainability.

Some Good 'Starter' Books

Get yourself up to speed on the multiple dimensions of both global and U.S. overpopulation problems, by reading some of the books below. This will change your life!!


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