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Life Membership in SEPS is open to all persons and is the only class of membership offered. There is a one-time membership fee of $50. In joining, you are stating: (1) that you are in general agreement with the mission, philosophy and principles of SEPS as stated above, and (2) that you give permission for yourself, to be listed on our website as a SEPS member. This latter requirement is important, as it is your good name that may give others the courage to join and take a public stand on these issues.

With your name SEPS will list only your primary institutional or organizational affiliation, or most recent one in the case of retirees, with a disclaimer noting that such a listing implies no endorsement of SEPS by your institution. Alternatively, you can request that only your city or town of residence be listed. In that case, you have the option of additionally listing concisely the nature of your occupation, e.g. banker, construction worker, nuclear physicist, businessman, social worker, artist, politician, teacher, wildlife biologist, farmer, agent provocateur, peace officer, etc. But do not list any official title.

To join, simply send a check for $50 made out to "Paul Nachman" to: Paul Nachman, P.O. Box 5006, Bozeman MT 59717-5006 ( Please also send him your email address, city or town, institutional or organizational affiliation, and, if you omit your affiliation, your occupation. Your email address will be held in confidence by SEPS.

As a member you will receive reports on our boothing activities at scientific meetings and our other activities, and may have an opportunity to help staff, or even organize, a SEPS booth at a scientific meeting held in your city. That takes a moderate amount of time and stamina, as well as familiarity with the issues. But it is interesting and satisfying work, as the scientific proletariat wandering exhibition halls is increasingly supportive of our mission. Surely the scientific establishment will follow in their footsteps!

A Shadow Force

We welcome donations of all sizes to support our efforts. To stock, staff, furnish  and rent an exhibitor booth and cover hotel and travel expenses of booth staffers (members of SEPS) costs several thousand dollars for every scientific meeting we operate at, even though no one is compensated for their time and though we have no paid staff.

We have many supporters throughout academia, scientific societies, government agencies, legislatures, NGOs and in the private sector.  Many of them feel, however, that they could not allow their support to be publicly known without social or professional risk. If you are in this position, you can become a member of our Shadow Force simply by sending your check made out to "Paul Nachman" to Paul's address (above), with a note specifying that you do NOT wish to be a member but do wish to support our efforts as a Shadow Trooper! Give him your email address, and both it and your trooper status will be kept in absolute confidence by the SEPS board of directors. As with regular membership, lifetime membership as a Shadow Trooper requires a minimum donation of $50. Shadow Troopers receive all the same notices and news items that SEPS puts out to its regular members.


For most are listed their primary institutional or organizational affiliation, or their most recent one in the case of retirees. Listing of affiliations is only for purposes of identification. Such listings imply no endorsement of SEPS by the institutions and organizations indicated. Other members have preferred to be identified only by their city or town and, perhaps, a brief indication of their occupation.

Virginia D. Abernethy Vanderbilt School of Medicine, Nashville TN
John Alcock Arizona State University, Tempe AZ
Albert Bartlett A. University of Colorado, Boulder CO
Sandra Britton Artist, Nipomo CA
Lincoln P. Brower † Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar VA
Philip Cafaro Colorado State University, Fort Collins CO
Charles T. Collins California State University, Long Beach CA
Donald A. Collins, Jr Great4Us, Buford GA
Marilyn Brant Chandler DeYoung Californians for Population Stabilization, Santa Barbara CA
Dell Erickson Minnesotans for Sustainability, Minneapolis MN
Robert Fireovid U.S. Dept of Agriculture, South Hero VT
David Foreman The Rewilding Institute, Albuquerque NM
Maria Fotopoulos Wildlife activist, Los Angeles CA
Lindsey Grant Santa Fe NM
Glenn Greenwald Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes National Wildlife Refuge, Nipomo CA
Richard Grossman Obstetrician-gynecologist, Durango CO
Joe Guzzardi Progressives for Immigration Reform, Pittsburgh PA
Robert Hardaway University of Denver, Denver CO
Robert Harding Planetary health activist, Hayden ID
Edward C. Hartman Author, Moraga CA
Loras J. Holmberg Plymouth MN
Diana Hull † The Social Contract, Santa Barbara CA
Irene W. Hurlbert University of California, San Diego CA
Stuart H. Hurlbert San Diego State University, San Diego CA
Peter Jumars University of Maine, Orono ME
Seth Kauppinen University of California, Berkeley CA
Jon E. Keeley U.S. Geological Survey, Three Rivers CA
Leon Kolankiewicz Wildlife Biologist, Arlington VA
Max Kummerow Curtin University, Perth, Australia
Stephen B. Kurtz Investment Manager, Northampton MA
Nana W. Landgraf Church support staff, Cleveland OH
Edwin R. Lewis University of California, Berkeley CA
George Liddle San Diego CA
Karin E. Limburg State University of New York, Syracuse NY
T. Michael Maher University of Louisiana, Lafayette LA
Ross McCluney Florida Solar Energy Center UCF, Cocoa FL
Allison McGee La Jolla CA
Gary Meffe Vermont Center for Eco-Studies, Norwich VT
John H. Michael Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Olympia WA
Greeley G. Miklashek Neuropsychiatrist, Spring Green WI
Paul Nachman Montana State University, Bozeman MT
Reed F. Noss University of Central Florida, Orlando FL
Harold Pashler University of California, San Diego CA
Edward M. Passerini University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa AL
Kenneth Pasternack Santa Barbara CA
David Pimentel Cornell University, Ithaca NY
George Plumb Vermonters for a Sustainable Population, Montpelier VT
Roy Porter Engineer, Reston VA
Lawrence D. Rupp Minister, New London NH
Lorna Salzman Environmental activist, Brooklyn NY
David W. Schindler University of Alberta, Edmonton AB
Andrew Sheldon † University of Montana, Missoula MT
J. Kenneth Smail Kenyon College, Gambier OH
Michael Soule † University of California, Santa Cruz CA
Cynthia Steil Ryegate Corner VT
Mark C. Thies Clemson University, Clemson SC
W.J. Van Ry Foundation for Human Conservation, Port Ludlow WA
Vicki Watson University of Montana, Missoula MT
Alan N. Weeden Weeden Foundation, New York NY
Madeline Weld Population Institute Canada, Ottawa ON
Josephine Wideman Californians for Population Stabilization, Santa Barbara CA
David Yount U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Duluth MN
Benjamin Zuckerman University of California, Los Angeles CA

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