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The Booth

The general nature of SEPS booths is best appreciated in the Photos section. They contain graphical displays of past demographic history of the U.S. and projections for the future based on different immigration scenarios, as well as past and projected global population trends. Booths also display and give away more than one hundred articles, charts and books on demographic trends, existing and proposed population policies, population-environment issues, ecological economics, and suppression of discussion of national population policies by scientific and environmental organizations, as well as by other U.S. institutions, including Congress, the mainline media, and universities. Books are generally given away on the final day of each meeting.

As the first exhibitor booth on population issues ever seen by most meeting attendees, SEPS booths attract a great deal of attention. During the course of a multi-day meeting, the booth is the site of dozens spirited discussions on a wide variety of population-related issues. By the end of a typical meeting it has given away 4-6 dozen books and many thousand of other pieces of literature..

Here are some of the books often in our display:

And here are some articles and other items often available our booth. The particular set brought to any given meeting changes according to the nature of the society, whether SEPS has exhibited at its meetings before, changes in the political scene, and our ongoing discovery of new materials.

NOTE: pdfs of many of these can be found online or obtained by contacting


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